Barbecued Rat

A favorite treat in rural parts of Cambodia. From

As he tears off a leg of a charcoal-grilled rat at a roadside stall in western Cambodia, Yit Sarin hails the simple joy of rodent and rice washed down with beer. "It's delicious," he says of the snack...

Sarin tells AFP that rat is like "chicken or beef", whereas others say it's more like pork. He is one of many customers and Cambodian tourists stopping at a stall outside of Battambang town, where rows of grilled field rats are displayed over burning coals and served with dipping sauces made from lime juice, black peppers or chillies.

It sounds like something that, if I didn't know what it was, I would probably think tasted good. But if I did know, then no.... just no.

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image via Gastro Obscura

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Aug 21, 2019
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Dog, rat, cat. Had them served to me at various times throughout my travels. Do not ask what the type of animal and add hot sauce.

Way back before Christ was a choirboy an nutty, old uncle served our family a broiled rabbit dinner with all the side dishes traditional to our Portuguese culture. I learned later that he had killed, skinned, cleaned out and broiled a raccoon. Yes, I do recall it tasted like chicken!

agent j
Posted by agent j on 08/24/19 at 10:06 AM
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