The Bequest of Ernest Digweed

Ernest Digweed was a retired schoolteacher from Portsmouth. When he died in 1976, he left behind approximately $44,000, with instructions that the money should go to Jesus Christ, if Christ should return to Earth in the next 80 years. Apparently Digweed was worried that Christ might be a bit short of cash when he came back.

Several people promptly came forward, claiming they were Christ, but they were turned away. Digweed's relatives, meanwhile, weren't happy at all with the will and sued to get the money. Eventually, it seems, the courts did agree to give it to them, but with one condition. The family had to take out an insurance policy that would pay back the money, should the original benefactor (Jesus) make an appearance. So if Jesus should return by 2056, he still has some money coming his way.

Regina Leader-Post - Dec 16, 1981

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Dec 28, 2019
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But what if Jesus only accepts Bitcoin?
Posted by Brian on 12/28/19 at 10:00 PM
Were the family tribe, perchance???
Posted by Mark Matis on 12/29/19 at 06:14 AM
Should Christ return to Earth in the near future, He will definitely not be acknowledged by any USA judge wanting to keep his job. The Mammon, now, rhat's another matter.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/02/20 at 11:54 AM
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