Breast Douche

When a simple washcloth just won't do.

Full patent is here.

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Aug 11, 2022
     Category: Body | Hygiene | Patents | 1910s

The invention of Reddi-Wip was still decades away (when that dries on the skin, it can be a pain to wash off), but this does coincide with the felt-tip pen being patented. I wonder if there was a fad for women to write instructions ("nuzzle here," "lick this," "don't twist") for their unenlightened lovers.

I suspect this was meant primarily for women who were breast-feeding. Normal scrubbing with a washcloth might be uncomfortable because of soreness, and some women develop almost a mania for having their breasts clean for the sake of the baby's health.
Posted by Phideaux on 08/11/22 at 09:54 AM
Yet another Viagra-like apparatus that most people would use differently then what's written on the patent. Breast-douche? Yawn. How about douche-douche? Powerful jets to remove felt-tip "stockings" from your legs? A man-parts cleaning and pleasuring device? As a gunk remover for war wounds, it could become the surgeon's best friend. It could clean the horrible fungus sometimes found on an infant's head. It could even remove the pesky dirt found on most celery branches and spinach leaves at the store. There are way more uses from it than a mere breast mini-shower.
Posted by Yudith on 08/13/22 at 12:27 PM
@Yudith: I recall seeing packaging for vibrators marketing them as “massagers” for the neck, back, arms, etc. Pretty much everywhere except you-know-where…
Posted by Brian on 08/16/22 at 09:17 AM
… Or, you can have a friend wash them for you. 😊
Posted by Brian on 08/16/22 at 09:19 AM
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