Brits ban 666 from license plates

In 1990, the British banned the devil from their roads. But over in Russia, where his Satanic influence continued to reign unchecked, a Dodge Viper with the license plate '666' mysteriously burst into flames in 2009.

Arizona Republic - May 3, 1991

Bangor Daily News - Feb 5, 1990

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Numerologists Unite!
Ban a number because of something bad? You mean, like, saying it's not the 13th, but rather the 14th floor? It's still 13 floors above the ground, no matter what you name it. Avoid the 666 altogether? In critical editions of the Greek text, such as the Novum Testamentum Graece, it is noted that 616 is a variant. So if you live in western Michigan and your phone number is (616) 666 -6666 is that good or pure evil?
Posted by Greg on 05/21/16 at 02:12 PM
When the Latin phrase "Nero Caesar" is transliterated into Hebrew, the Gematria (sum of the numerical values of the letters) is 616. When the Greco-Latin form of "Neron Caesar" is rendered in Hebrew, the extra "n" adds 50 to the value, to get 666.

In my area of southern New Jersey, part of County Rte. 616 is "Church Road". If only the guys in NJDOT knew!
Posted by Joshua Zev Levin, Ph.D. on 05/21/16 at 07:55 PM
I've had customers refuse an account number due to the 666 aversion.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/22/16 at 12:11 AM
Furthermore, every time the clock turns from 4:03 to the next minute, we can't find the clock. 404 not found!
Posted by Greg on 05/22/16 at 02:34 PM
In the late 80s I worked for a company whose phone number ended in 6666. More than once when I called someone and left a message for them with a person and not voice mail I got strange comments. I recall one woman saying "oh my, that's the devil's number!"
Posted by Jim on 05/23/16 at 12:06 PM
Jim: Demon Internet?
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/23/16 at 03:25 PM
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