Bugsy Siegel and Atomite

One of the mobster's lesser-known rackets.

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Di Frasso and Siegel pictured below the text.

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Elsewhere in that book I found this:
While strolling through the grounds of Villa Madonna, Siegel spied his lover chatting with another houseguest: Hitler's second-in-command, Hermann Goering. Alongside Goering was was Joseph Goebbels, head of the Nazi propaganda machine. That night, alone with the countess, Siegel dropped his noble facade for New York mobster lingo. "Look, Dottie," he snarled. "I saw you talking to that fat bastard Goering. Why did you let them come to our building?"
Di Frasso demurred, explaining she'd known the Nazi official via social connections. And surely she couldn't tell a man of Goering's stature to get lost.
Social protocol had no place in Siegel's inflamed Jewish passion. He wanted to kill the two Nazi big shots right then and there. In Siegel's eyes, whacking Goebbels or Goering wasn't different from any mob hit he'd done in the past. "I'm going to kill him, and that dirty Goebbels too," Siegel told the countess. "It's an easy setup the way they're walking around here."
Di Frasso pleaded with her lover to reconsider. Should Siegel take out two of the German Reich's top men at her husband's villa -- which was on Mussolini's turf -- the repercussions could get very ugly very quickly. Undoubtedly the count would face execution. Siegel cooled off and thus history was forever sealed.
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