The Burnt Food Museum

It was founded in the late 1980's by harpist Deborah Henson-Conant. She writes:

Deborah put on a small pot of Hot Apple Cider to heat, then received an unexpected . . . fascinating . . . and very long phone call. By the time Deborah returned to the kitchen, the Cider had become a "Cinder" and thus the first, and perhaps still the most impressive, exhibit: "Free Standing Hot Apple Cider" was born.

The museum still seems to be going strong, though its website specifies that it's a private museum, which means that you need to arrange personal tours in advance to see it. A price of $3500 is quoted. For that amount, I'm sure Paul and I could arrange something if you wanted a behind-the-scenes tour of WU.

Boston Globe - May 13, 2001

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My brother cooks in the opposite way. He once served me a burger that looked good on the outside but was as raw as it came from the package on the inside. When I mentioned it to mom, she sighed and said, "Believe me, I tried to show him how to cook but it just didn't seem to sink in."
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