“Captured” Vietcong Slipper Sandals

Back in 1967, the Haband mail-order company of New Jersey wasn’t selling many of its sandals, until it came up with the idea of advertising them as “captured” Vietcong slipper sandals, claiming they were the “First big style find of the war!”

You had to read the fine print to realize that it was simply the design of the sandals that had been captured. And even so, not really, because they had been selling the same sandals for years.

The company later reported that it was the most successful ad they had ever run, and that the 'captured' sandals sold "like mad."

As far as I can tell, they ran this ad for at least a year.

Palm Beach Post - Feb 11, 1968

Sydney Morning Herald - Mar 19, 1967

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