Castration and Longevity

Evidence is accumulating that castration can increase a man's odds of living longer.

Farmers have long known that castrated sheep live longer than non-castrated sheep. But researchers in New Zealand were recently able to demonstrate, on a molecular level, that castration slows the aging of DNA (in sheep).

The presumption is that what's true for sheep is also likely true for humans. And there's research to back this up. From a 2015 article on

Korean scientist Han-Nam Park recently analysed the detailed records of court life from the 19th Century, including information about 81 eunuchs whose testicles had been removed before puberty. His analyses revealed that the eunuchs lived for around 70 years – compared to an average of just 50 years among the other men in the court. Overall, they were 130 times more likely to celebrate their hundredth birthday than the average man living in Korea at the time. Even the kings – who were the most pampered people in the palace – did not come close.

More info: The Lifespan of Korean Eunuchs, Castration delays epigenetic aging and feminizes DNA methylation at androgen-regulated loci
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jul 14, 2021
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So my ex-wife just wanted to make me live longer when she tried to emasculate me? Sorry, not buying it.
Posted by Phideaux on 07/14/21 at 11:08 AM
Volunteers for a medical study, anyone?
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 07/14/21 at 11:53 AM
That's going to be a difficult study to disprove.
Posted by crc on 07/14/21 at 05:19 PM
"...removed before puberty." Too late for us anyway. And if you think a fuss was raised about circumcision in the late 20th Century, wait'll this idea hits the Twitterati.
Posted by eddi on 07/14/21 at 10:27 PM
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