Cheetos Pareidolia

I promise this will be my last Cheetos-themed post for a while. But for some reason, I've been coming across a lot of weird stuff about Cheetos recently.

The latest is Cheetos pareidolia, which is the phenomenon of Cheetos that look like things. Often these unique Cheetos end up on eBay, where they command high prices. For instance, right now, for only $650, you can buy a Cheeto shaped like a shrimp.

In 2017, a man found a Cheeto shaped like the Virgin Mary, and he promptly put it up for sale.

Also in 2017, a Cheeto shaped like the gorilla Harambe almost sold for $100,000.

And some, such as photographer Andy Huot, find inspiration in the many shapes of Cheetos. Huot has an Instagram page dedicated to what he calls 'cheese curl art'. Below is his version of the March of Progress, rendered in Cheetos.

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Sep 10, 2019
     Category: Art | Junk Food | Pareidolia

Was the Harambe cheeto ever really sold? There certainly was a winning bid but a lot of speculation that a troll just bid it there with no real consequence.
Posted by crc on 09/10/19 at 06:01 PM
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