Competitive Hymn Singing

In 1972 a group of schoolboys set a world record for "non-stop hymn singing." They sang for 48 hours straight.

So what's the current record for hymn singing? I haven't been able to figure that out.

I found an article from Oct 2005 claiming a new record was set for singing for 22 hours, but since that wasn't even half the time of the 1972 record, that can't be right.

Pomona Progress Bulletin - Dec 30, 1972

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Nov 16, 2023
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The Guinness Record Book was interesting in its original form but unfortunetly it has evolved into who can stick the most grapes up their butt in 30 seconds. Sad.
Posted by F.U.D. in Stockholm on 11/16/23 at 05:09 AM
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