Dr. L. A. Sayre’s Apparatus

Not sure how long the patient was to remain suspended in order to achieve results.

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Oct 09, 2022
     Category: Inventions | Medicine | Nineteenth Century

We swear it's a medical device, not a sex swing. Not sure why the lady needed to be naked for it to work, though; maybe to check the alignment of her spine?
Posted by Yudith on 10/09/22 at 01:13 PM
Hmmm… yet another excuse to get ladies to take their tops off, eh???
Posted by Brian on 10/10/22 at 08:11 AM
...I'm not sure, but I think I've seen something like this on the IgNobels.
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/15/22 at 12:45 PM
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