The Fainting of the Tigerettes

Sep 12, 1952: At the end of the first quarter of a high-school football game in Natchez, Mississippi, the 165 members of the Tigerettes cheerleading squad mistakenly marched onto the field to perform their halftime routine. Made aware of their mistake, the cheerleaders began to faint. All of them. One after another. A witness described them as "dropping out like flies". It remains one of the largest mass-fainting events in history.

Shreveport Journal - Sep 13, 1952

The Tigerettes
Monroe Morning World - Apr 27, 1952

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My wife once fainted, mid-sentence in a conversation. This is a very alarming thing; what's happening is set up for us in the movies, but not real life. It seems like the victim has been suddenly turned completely off for no reason. We were out sailing, so we contacted the Coast Guard. Fortunately, she came around before they sent out the rescue helicopter.
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