The Farmer’s Anti-Automobile Society of Arkansaw

I'm going to assume that there never was a "Farmer's Anti-Automobile Society of Arkansaw" (or any other state) and that the list of road rules they supposedly adopted was early twentieth-century humor meant to poke fun at car-hating farmers.

Although some blogs, such as here, seem to think that this list of crazy road rules might have been real.

The Carmen Headlight - Sep 10, 1909

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Years ago, while visiting my grandmother's uncle, he had a number of calendars out from the early days of automobiles. I distinctly recall one that listed expectations of motorists with respect to horse drawn carriages. The point about disassembling the car & hiding it out of sight of a horse was listed. There were guidelines pertaining to the motorist giving right of way to the horse. The other points, like shouting
& shooting at cars seem like blarney & hot air.
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I don't think any of this ever was actually law, but I'm quite willing to believe that some of the more extreme carphobic farming communities wanted to make them law. I've seen a facsimile of a contemporary magazine stating that in some places, it was law that each automobile shall be preceded by a man on foot waving a red flag, and that when encountering a horse on the road, the automobile was to pull over and turn off the engine. No dismantling or tarpaulining, though.
Posted by Richard Bos on 03/13/22 at 05:56 AM
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