Geek Orgasm Day


Windows 10 is now officially released. I've been up since midnight updating PC's.
My hand is getting tired :roll:
It's nice being off work after being in the hospital to enjoy this day.
     Posted By: BrokeDad - Wed Jul 29, 2015
     Category: Computers

I prefer to wait about six months and let everyone else tear their hair out over the bugs.
Posted by KDP on 07/29/15 at 02:51 PM
That is a gawdawful-looking screen - it just reinforced my decision to wait for Win11.
Posted by Duke of URL on 07/29/15 at 02:53 PM
Once again they struggle to maintain their 10 year lag behind Linux (with added ugly)..
Posted by Manticore on 07/29/15 at 02:58 PM
I have a hard drive from a dead XP that I will upgrade to 10. (if I can.) I'll dual boot with 8 to see how it goes.
Posted by BMN on 07/29/15 at 05:54 PM
Microsoft Geekgasm 10! Don't get any on the screen.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 07/29/15 at 06:32 PM
Oh all you Windows haters just suck on my big 10 WINch
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 07/29/15 at 06:38 PM
You know, BD, there was some guy using your handle a few months ago that wan't too happy with W10. What changed?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/29/15 at 11:26 PM
@Expat - My funds ran low to upgrade to Apple stuff. Delusional happiness is better than reality sorrow.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 07/30/15 at 04:36 AM
I can't shake the feeling that Windows 10 is still at least partially in beta, so I'm going to hold off a bit. Thank you for taking point on this, you're a braver man than I am.
Posted by Fritz G on 07/30/15 at 10:45 AM
I'm holding off a little too even though I can upgrade for free right now. I've read that some of my graphic design software isn't prepared for Win10 and so if I upgrade now, my software will stop working.
Posted by Siggy on 07/30/15 at 10:54 AM
People have been posting their Win10 error screens, including the evocative "Something Happened" alert, on Imgur.

I'm still happy with my WinXP. It does everything I need with a minimum of fuss. It's not quite as good as DOS 3.3, but nothing is.
Posted by Phideaux on 07/30/15 at 06:33 PM
Dr DOS rang my bell. And DOS 5 wasn't bad either.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/30/15 at 11:49 PM
my only annoyance with windows 10 so far is that for some unknown reason randomly the app windows of photos and store open. This is often even when I'm not active at all. And I have deliberately removed both from the 'work in background' not idea what's happening.
Posted by Tiona on 07/31/15 at 04:01 AM
I keep hearing voices saying, to soon, to soon, to soon. Pick the apple from the tree of knowledge.
Posted by Gator Guy on 07/31/15 at 01:23 PM
I'm holding out for the Pomegranate of Immortality...
Posted by Duke of URL on 07/31/15 at 03:03 PM
@BD Well I guess you and I will run point on this one. 10 computers at work 6 loaded from the reservation notice, 4 loaded from the Microsoft site. 3 glitches. 1 computer didn't have any sound. Removed and reloaded the driver, works great. 2 don't play all videos on Facebook. Personally, I don't care if none of the videos work. These people are not here to check their personal Facebook pages at work (too tyrannical?). Anyway, in a review for solutions, it looks like this has been a problem before and may be Flash related. All in all, very satisfied. All the geriatrics (including me) can use it with minimal help. The biggest complaint is that Edge doesn't have the favorites bar in the header of the page. They have learned to use the favorites hub.
Home computer needs a newer video card as Nvidia did not provide a new driver for my card.
So far, so good.
Posted by GFnKS on 08/03/15 at 02:23 PM
@ Duke - Are you talking about the black bar on the bottom with the task icons? Other than that, everyone's screens here at work are exactly as they were before the upgrade.
Posted by GFnKS on 08/03/15 at 02:32 PM
@ GFnKS - No, the whole thing. That's possibly the worse screen display I've seen since Win3.1. So, you're saying that Win10 won't screw up the way my Win8 displays?
Posted by Duke of URL on 08/03/15 at 03:40 PM
@Duke: Screw up W8? Worser than it already is?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/03/15 at 11:59 PM
Expat47: You misunderstand - Win8 works very well. I was referring to the screen display, which is Win8 now and which is perfectly clear. The photograph on this article is supposed to be Win10 - it's as bad as the Greek economy.
Posted by Duke of URL on 08/04/15 at 09:44 AM
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