The High School Hair-Do Code

In the 1940s, American High School girls used hair ribbons to send coded messages about their availability for mating. From Life Magazine - May 15, 1944:

The simple hair ribbon has become a weapon in the battle of the sexes.

In Louisville the color of the ribbon is significant. A yellow ribbon is the symbol of a man-hater. A white ribbon is a signal to the boys to lay off because the wearer is someone else's "witch" (best girl). At Highland Park H.S. in Dallas, Texas, position of the ribbon is revealing [see images].

You can also tell by the look in her eyes that Ann Mitchell was "out to get herself a man."
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A bit later, Ann Mitchell became known as the serial ribbon strangler.
Posted by Virtual on 08/13/16 at 02:53 PM
Betty Dupree was not interested in men. She was a cougar and liked boys.
Posted by Greg on 08/14/16 at 07:29 AM
Here's a code that wouldn't have been in Life Magazine in 1944:
Posted by ges on 08/15/16 at 01:04 AM
I expect that was all just an adult fantasy, like the more recent "sex bracelet" legend. More at
Posted by Cougar Allen on 08/15/16 at 08:22 PM
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