Herbivorize Predators

The Herbivorize Predators organization was founded "with the goal of discovering how to safely transform carnivorous species into herbivorous ones." Its members believe that this will promote the well-being of all sentient beings and prevent the suffering and untimely deaths of prey animals.

They acknowledge that their mission is controversial but feel that "now is the time to conduct research on potential ways of herbivorizing."

It's certainly an ambitious goal. I think they'll have their hands full just trying to herbivorize humans.

Another critique from the Ecology for the Masses blog:

its also easy to forget that herbivores can be just as big of a source of stress for other herbivores as the threat of predation... To put it simply there is always going to be something causing an individual some type of stress out there (even from their own species).
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jul 19, 2023
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