Homo cerebrointricatus

In 1953, Dr. Wilton Krogman of the University of Pennsylvania used his skills as a physical anthropologist (and his knowledge of human evolution) to predict what humans will look like five million years in the future. He decided that humans will evolve into a species he called Homo cerebrointricatus, meaning super-brained man. Our descendants will have telepathic brains, no stomachs, and "flat, round, pedestal-like feet."

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any illustrations of Homo cerebrointricatus.

Part of his prediction reminds me of the mentats in Frank Herbert's Dune:

Besides supplanting radio and radar, the super-brain will do away with electronic computing devices, because there will be no problem too complex for it to solve. It will be a storehouse of facts and memory as well as a powerhouse for constructive thinking.

Calgary Herald - Oct 22, 1953

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It's been reported that the modern human brain has been shrinking. The average human doesn't need it anymore for survival.
Posted by Phil on 10/25/22 at 04:03 AM
According to Zager and Evans, this whole thing happens much faster.
Posted by KDP on 10/25/22 at 09:05 AM
Phil -- I've read that since the neolithic period, about 15,000 yrs ago, the size of the average human brain has lost mass equivalent in size to a tennis ball. Quite a large chunk of brain to lose!
Posted by Alex on 10/25/22 at 09:49 AM
Nothing to do with the contents, but - as an ex-newspaper-man, the typesetting and particularly the leading of this article offends me. Some Canadian lead monkey must've already lost at least a Lacrosse ball's worth - or been hit by one.
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/30/22 at 05:17 AM
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