How to buy meat

The album How To Buy Meat was released by the US Department of Agriculture circa 1968. It consists of a series of short public service announcements about meat buying, narrated by Consumer Meat Specialist Sandra Brookover.

It's an extremely rare record because it was never sold to the public. Instead, it was sent to radio stations, in the hope that they would play the PSAs.

The PSAs, in addition to offering info about meat, were intended to encourage the public to send away to receive a series of pamphlets from the USDA. Several of these pamphlets are online, such as How to buy lamb.

I searched for samples of the album online, but I could only find a single track, which was posted on WFMU's Beware of the Blog. Nothing at all on YouTube. I've reposted the track on WU's server. It's titled: How can you tell a blade chuck roast from an arm chuck roast?.

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     Posted By: Alex - Mon Apr 13, 2020
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Found this on reddit. This gentleman has the album, and has used it for commercial breaks in his podcasts.

He includes youtube links to two tracks in his podcasts.
Posted by Jason on 04/13/20 at 09:08 PM
Jason -- thanks for that link! But it made me realize I totally screwed up in my post. It seems there must have been two different albums titled 'How to buy meat'. Both were released by the USDA, but one was narrated by Sandra Brookover, and the other by Sara Beck. The album cover in my post was for the album narrated by Sara Beck. The track I posted was by her as well. But I showed the tracks for the Sandra Brookover album.
Posted by Alex on 04/14/20 at 09:05 AM
Wonder how many cracks Sandra got about being a “meat specialist”...
Posted by Brian on 04/14/20 at 12:56 PM
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