Hurting the Word Radio #2

The 1964 painting "Hurting the Word Radio #2" by Ed Ruscha is valued at $53 million. It's reportedly one of the most expensive works of art owned by Jeff Bezos.

image source: google arts and culture

The value surprised me when I read about it, though it probably shouldn't have because sky-high valuations for works of modern art are by now, as Chuck Shepherd would have said, "no longer weird."

Even so, as the Center for Art Law notes, Ruscha created hundreds of words on canvas over the decades. How did this one get singled out to be worth so much? Ruscha himself never promoted it as special. (Nor does he directly benefit from its current valuation.)

The Center for Art Law suggests that the work's "impeccable and unimpeachable" provenance may have a lot to do with the high price tag. In an art market awash in fraud, undeniably authentic works command a high premium.
     Posted By: Alex - Sat May 18, 2024
     Category: Art | Overpriced Merchandise

Hm. Call me cynical - *I* call me cynical - but the fact that this work of, frankly, pretty amateur art is owned by Jeff "piss-bottle" Bezos may well have a lot more to do with its price tag.
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/18/24 at 01:06 PM
I think you can add this to the art Khrushchev would get bent out of shape about.
Posted by eddi on 05/20/24 at 04:30 AM

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