In Advance Of The Landing

Back in 1977, photographer Douglas Curran began taking photos of objects built by people in anticipation of the arrival of extraterrestrials. Eight years later, he collected these photos together in his book In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space.

He said the following about the book in a 1982 interview (Popular Photography - Nov 1982):

"The words in the title," [Curran] said, "came to me in a dream in 1975. I wrote them down and carried them in a book for two years before I had any ideas as to what I was going to do with them."
Curran was asked how the people he photographed received him. Were they suspicious or secretive? He replied that they were open to him.
"I arrive on their doorstep," he said, "tell them my name, and explain that I heard about their work and want to talk to them. They're usually surprised that somebody from so far away heard about them. Also, they feel I'm ordained to do this. I've become great friends with many of them."

I haven't had a chance to read the book, but it seems like it belongs in any library of weird reading material. You can get a copy either via Curran's website or from Amazon.

Curran also made a documentary film of the same name that he released in 1993.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jun 04, 2017
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Nice find, Alex. It'd be interesting to find out what happened to the people who were featured in this book. I'm sure some of them must still be with us. Photos and excerpts can be seen and read at the photographer's website:
Posted by Fritz G on 06/04/17 at 08:46 AM
There is a city called Mars Pennsylvania so Martians are among us.
Posted by BMN on 06/04/17 at 08:59 AM
Now I see you already had that link, Alex. Morning coffee hadn't kicked in yet for me, I guess. A couple of the photos reminded me of the recurring X-Files characters known as The Lone Gunmen. Considering there's a book blurb by Chris Carter, I have a hunch they might have served as inspiration. I can't get the link to work for the form to order the autographed and updated book, unfortunately.
Posted by Fritz G on 06/04/17 at 09:28 AM
Out local library has a copy that I read quite a while back.
Posted by eddi on 06/04/17 at 09:52 PM
Better yet, here in Chicagoland, you can take public transit to Mars
Posted by JohnD1 on 06/05/17 at 07:34 AM
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