Jeez!  The Kid’s Got a Real Gun!


What are the actual odds that Billy would be deader'n a doornail as a result of his impetuous behavior?

Original ad here. (On page 35.)
     Posted By: Paul - Tue Jun 24, 2014
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Probably the same as they were for the armed (with a real gun) man who tried to put a stop to the rampage in las Vegas a little while back.
Posted by Tyrusguy on 06/24/14 at 07:57 AM
It's toys like this that ruined America. They taught a whole generation about violence and mayhem. Just because America had to use mayhem and violence to shake off an oppressive, imperialistic government to forge or own land of the free that's no reason to think we'll ever have to do it again.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/24/14 at 10:21 AM
Criminals were pretty naive back in the day.
Posted by KDP on 06/24/14 at 12:01 PM
I wonder what would happen if you sent in the coupon?
Posted by crc on 06/24/14 at 03:16 PM
We all had cap guns in grade 1 and brought them to school and played cops & robbers. Mine looked more "real".
The phrase "contains no explosives" is BS!
Posted by BMN on 06/24/14 at 04:37 PM
@Patty: Thankfully some people are taking the education against gun violence seriously enough to educate the children of today to hate guns and all they stand far. Why, if we keep America armed then who's going to be able to invade us without a fight?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/24/14 at 11:36 PM
I'm surprised they haven't updated the ads. Instead of two guys robbing a bank --
Show an FBI Tactical Team shooting an old woman in her bed after some snitch gave them a wrong address.
Show the TSA invading a bus stop and beating people who don't comply with unintelligible orders.
Show Federal Marshals shooting a car full of holes because someone said that someone said that someone said the driver might be a drug dealer.

With such law enforcement abuses spiraling out of control under the current administration, it's a comforting idea that if they're going to murder you anyway, you should have something that would give them pause and make them look ridiculous afterwards.

At the very least, seeing kids having fun with a cap gun might give some liberal a heart attack.
Posted by Phideaux on 06/25/14 at 01:59 AM
No need for toy guns anymore - just get a real one! They even come in pink.
Posted by Flamingo1 on 06/25/14 at 02:37 PM
I thin that kids shouldn't play with gins (even wooden or plastic). It's more safe to play with traditional kids, e.g.
Posted by Mark on 08/20/14 at 05:04 PM
May even be eaten.............
Posted by Rae Vynn on 12/02/14 at 11:48 AM
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