Keep Your Funky Side Out

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A band so forgotten, they do not even have a Wikipedia entry or any songs on YouTube. I had to go to Archive.Org for this file. And yet they offer such eternally good advice: keep your funky side out!
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Aug 19, 2016
     Category: Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art | Music | 1970s

i gotta have more cowbell!!
Posted by c. walken on 08/19/16 at 07:09 AM
Named after the singer, Ronnie Skudrow.

I believe this is him on Bandmix looking to get a band together(so if you're interested...):

Here's another blurb about them:,4798753
Posted by s. Norman on 08/19/16 at 07:32 AM
Sounds like a cut-rate Ohio Players clone. Also, I have a hard time with a bunch of white bread musicians extolling the virtues of the funky side.
Posted by KDP on 08/19/16 at 08:28 AM
More info about the band Skurow here -
Posted by N Rodgers on 08/20/16 at 12:51 AM
If it had at least been FUNKY, it might have gotten up the charts. But the rock idea of funky is not funky. Ask Grand Funk Railroad.
Unless, in those days FUNKY meant to wear your stupidest clothes and walk like you don't care, yeah, okay. "Poor guy walking downtown today was wearing a business suit while the rest of us had our Funky side out."
Posted by Greg on 08/21/16 at 07:04 AM
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