Killed by oranges

Weird way to die — Ingrid Kerztin was walking by the side of the road, minding her own business, when suddenly 16 tons of oranges landed on top of her, crushing her to death.

New York Daily News - July 5, 1984

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In the mid-1970s, when round hay balers were coming into use and no one had a lot of experience in safe handling techniques, a farmer put two bales, on end, on a wagon and strapped a third, on its side, on top. When he was making a sharp turn at an intersection, the top bale broke free and crushed a car sitting at the stop sign, killing the driver.

To add insult to injury, that driver had a long history of getting speeding tickets, and the vehicle was a little European sports/race car which was declared street legal only because the owner had friends in high places and could afford an army of lawyers, so the DMV inspector signed off on it before starting a battle he knew he couldn't win. So a big shot speed demon in the fastest car in the county got squished like a bug while sitting at a stop sign -- imagine having to spend eternity with that as your death-rep.
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Headline should have been:
Vitamin C proves lethal in massive doses
Posted by Jessica on 09/18/20 at 06:27 AM
This reminded me of a nasty-looking traffic accident in Atlanta where a sedan driver was waiting to pull out from a parking lot. A concrete mixer in the near lane attempted to turn into the lot, but due to its speed plus a gradual road curve and downhill grade, it tipped over onto the sedan. The mixing bowl landed right at the sedan driver's position, dispatching him/her.
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