Killer Tomatoes

My partner grafts tomatoes for our garden. Must caution against this!

Source: The Knoxville News-Sentinel (Knoxville, Tennessee) 31 Oct 1963, Thu Page 14

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Sep 16, 2021
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I quite literally finished a detective novel where someone did this with belladonna instead of jimsonweed. The atropine would cause symptoms of extreme inebriation without actually being dangerous. Except the murderer than pushed the person into a pond with weeds and the person drowned. "The Man Who Grew Tomatoes" by Gladys Mitchell. Published in 1959 as part of her Mrs. Bradley series.
Posted by mjbird on 09/16/21 at 05:11 PM
Very neat, MJ Bird! I don't know that writer at all.
Posted by Paul on 09/16/21 at 08:31 PM
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