Man finds $20 inside cheeseburger

When people find stuff in their food that doesn't belong there, it's usually things like cockroaches, small frogs, rat parts, etc. But when Dave Cook bit into his McDonald's cheeseburger, he found a folded-up $20 bill. He didn't complain to the restaurant about the unusual topping. Instead, he took a picture of the burger, finished it, and then called up the local TV news (WTVR in Virginia) to tell them about it.

I don't think a $20 bill is something that would get into a burger by accident. It had to be put there. The question is who put it there: Cook himself or one of the McDonald's employees?

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jun 12, 2016
     Category: Food | Junk Food | Money

Well, now that burger-flippers are getting $15 an hour they can afford to be generous.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/13/16 at 08:50 AM
Fry Cook going on break: Hey, where's that cheeseburger I just cooked for my break.
Assistant: Sorry dude, they needed it for an order. Sure had some funky lettuce on it.
Fry Cook: Oh crap, there went that $20 I took from the till.
Posted by GFinKS on 06/13/16 at 10:20 AM
First, fake, the guy put it there himself. Second, he finished the burger, money is FILTHY! I hope he enjoys his thrush and e-coli. :sick:
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/13/16 at 01:21 PM
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