The man whom bullets bounced off of

In 1976, King Dixon of Miami was shot five times at close range in the head during a bar fight. Not a single bullet penetrated his skull. He was hospitalized overnight for observation, and then released the following day in satisfactory condition.

Alexandria Town Talk - May 10, 1976

Casper Star-Tribune - May 12, 1976

It seemed at the time like he must have been bulletproof, but a follow-up by Miami Herald crime reporter Edna Buchanan, in her book Never Let Them See You Cry, reveals that he was affected by bullets after all:

Dixon was treated at a hospital and sent home, where I talked to him the next day. "My ears are still ringing," he said. "The gun was right at my ear. Those shots were really loud." Other than that, he felt fine. "I guess you have to ask the good Lord why I'm still alive."
But the bullets did kill him. I found King Dixon at the morgue eight years later. Since the shooting he had suffered seizures, and one of them killed him.
The medical examiner blamed the old bullet wounds and ruled the death a homicide.
King Dixon became Miami's only murder victim in 1984 killed by bullets fired in 1976.
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I've heard tell that the .22 caliber round is the favorite of assassins because the bullet doesn't over-penetrate the victim and causes more damage when used on the skull because it "rattles" around inside as it bounces around before coming to rest.

There's something wrong with all the claims made about the wounding of Mr. King. They can't have it both ways in determining the cause of death - either a bullet penetrated his skull and killed him later or he died of some other cause related to his seizure. One of the parties of medical examiners looks to be grossly incompetent.
Posted by KDP on 06/12/20 at 08:52 AM
@KDP -- It's called a contrecoup injury. Basically, hitting someone upside the head can cause the brain to bounce around, leaving bruises on the opposite side from where they were hit. Those bruises can cause all sorts of problems, including seizures, and lead to death. I don't have the figures handy to compare getting whacked by a crowbar or having a bullet ricocheting off your skull, but I'm fairly sure they're somewhat similar, especially if you multiply it by five bullets.
Posted by Phideaux on 06/12/20 at 09:19 AM
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