The Masculine Toilet

It's a toilet specially designed for men who suffer from being too well endowed. It's been in the news recently because the current acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, once worked as the lawyer for the company that patented (or sought to patent) it. From the 2014 press release announcing the "Masculine Toilet":

The average male genitalia is between 5" and 6". However, this invention is designed for those of us who measure longer than that. I estimate that a 12" distance is adequate enough for most well-endowed men, though I would not be surprised if there are cases who need a greater distance. Nevertheless, for the time being, this is a good starting point.

The Masculine Toilet reminds me of the Toilet Sanitary Shield For Men, which we posted about back in 2015. That was another device designed for men with oversized equipment.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Nov 16, 2018
     Category: Bathrooms | Inventions | Patents

When not in use as a toilet I can wash socks or the cat in the deeper bowl!

agent j
Posted by agent j on 11/16/18 at 08:32 AM
Mine´s 26 cm ( 10 1/4") so it´s pretty much just a standard European toilet. Maybe it´s just that we´re better endowed.
Posted by F.U.D. on 11/16/18 at 11:28 AM
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