Meat Homogenate

For a mere $1,064 one can buy four cans of something called "meat homogenate" from the U.S. government's National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The stuff is edible. The NIST website describes it as "a mixture of pork and chicken products blended together in a commercial process." However, it's not actually supposed to be eaten. It's sold as "standard reference material." All the nutrients in it (fatty acids, cholesterol, calories, vitamins, etc.) have been carefully measured. So companies can buy it and use it to calibrate their own equipment used to measure the nutrients in the food they sell. The high cost of the meat homogenate reflects the work done to measure the nutrients. Not the food itself.

However, I think the NIST should sell 'meat homogenate' labels as a gag gift, and people could put them on their own cans. I wouldn't mind having a few cans of meat homogenate in the pantry to impress guests.

The NIST also sells three jars of peanut butter for $1,069.
     Posted By: Alex - Mon Aug 22, 2022
     Category: Food | Nutrition | Government

I went to the NIST link and out of curiosity, clicked the link for browsing the price list. Just about anything seems to be on that list. One that caught my eye was 4330C, Plutonium-239, 3 ml solution for the low price of $1,667.00. I suppose you have to make sure your Plutonium meets the standard when you're making your own nuclear bomb (which is probably permitted under current interpretations of your 2nd Amendment rights).
Posted by Fritz on 08/22/22 at 07:13 AM
I suppose it has a sell-by date on it. Any cans past the date is sold off in the supermarket as "Potted Meat".
Posted by KDP on 08/22/22 at 09:07 AM
Otherwise known as “dog food”…
Posted by Brian on 08/22/22 at 05:33 PM
Pork and chicken combined are used for cheap meats like bologna and hot dogs. Never seen them sold as canned goods.
Posted by eddi on 08/23/22 at 05:35 AM
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