Meat Joy

So far as I can tell, this famed bit of performance art is an exact depiction of what most of the WU commenters are always seeking to arrange amongst themselves.

     Posted By: Paul - Mon Feb 23, 2009
     Category: Food | Performance Art | 1960s

Just more art. And the sound was all screwed up again. Couldn't understand a thing they were saying!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/23/09 at 12:23 PM
If a performance happens in the woods and there's no one around to give it grant money, is it Art?
Posted by StanFlouride on 02/23/09 at 04:46 PM
Why is it that the men who do these things are always so hairy?
Posted by Nethie on 02/24/09 at 12:40 AM
I'm sorry, "Meat Joy" for me would not be rubbing it all over myself/others but firing up the barbecue, breaking out the beer, cooking all of it and sharing it with as many friends as I could fit in the back yard. You're all invited of course. Oh yes, there will be bacon. Chicken wrapped in bacon, beef wrapped in bacon, bacon wrapped in bacon!!!!

Are we sure this isn't somehow linked to that whole sperm competition link from earlier?

Posted by DownCrisis on 02/24/09 at 01:19 AM
I can't handle hairy men patty, they make me squeamish. Especially facial hair. If you've got a beard, you'll never make it into my bed. (And no fair bringing up the incident with the goat, that was a one time thing and I was drunk.)
Posted by Nethie on 02/24/09 at 05:38 PM
Did I mention pork wrapped in bacon? :lol:
Posted by DownCrisis on 02/25/09 at 12:22 AM
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