Miss Yashica Gold Venus

20 year old Lova Moor, Cabaret performer at the Paris ''Crazy Horse Saloon'' was elected ''Miss Yashica Gold Venus'' under the sponsorship of the well launching on the French market of the new Electro 35 Mecanicor Camera produced by Yashica.

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Feb 12, 2023
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That’s the smallest bikini bottom I’ve ever seen. Looks like it barely covers the vulva in the front and probably a thong in the back.
Posted by Judy on 02/12/23 at 12:07 PM
I don't think that qualifies as part of a bikini since there's no associated bra. It's just a G-string.

It does seem to indicate there's been some barbering down there, a trend I didn't think came in until a lot later than 1969.
Posted by Phideaux on 02/12/23 at 12:39 PM
The Crazy Horse Saloon was a night club in Paris famous for it's dancers. Legal requirements prevented full nudity back then so G strings and pasties (nipple covers) were needed for strippers and skimpy costumes. Looks like Ms. More is also wearing a coat of gold paint.
Posted by eddi on 02/13/23 at 03:30 AM
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