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Hump Bridge
Residents of the English town of Castleford in Yorkshire were probably delighted to hear that UK TV station Channel 4 was to film a documentary of the ongoing urban regeneration scheme, up until their local council decided to rename a local landmark ahead of filming. The popular local landmark had been known as “Tickle Cock Bridge” since Victorian times - probably due to its popularity as a trysting place according to one local historian – but prudish council members decided to put up signs for the more polite “Tittle Cott Bridge” for the cameras. However local objections have been so vocal that the officials have been forced to back down and restore the feature’s original “rude” name (Metro).

And if you fancy taking a trip to Tickle Cock Bridge, why not make a grand tour of it and take in some more of Britain’s rudest place names (Telegraph).

It’s always worth making sure you have plenty of the local currency on holiday, but for one German tourist this became more of a life-saver than a simple convenience. Dominik Podolsky was just riding the ski-lift back down in Hochzillertal in Austria as darkness fell when it was suddenly switched off, as it is every dusk, leaving him stranded. As temperatures dropped to minus 18° Celcius (0° F) Mr. Podolsky began to set light to whatever was to hand to attract attention, starting with paper napkins and some business cards before in desperation he was forced to set fire to his money. He had just burned his last euro when he was finally spotted by a cleaning crew and rescued (Orange).

Perhaps he would have done better to visit the Swiss side of the Alps instead. If not on the mountains, at the very least he would have been better looked after in that country's brothels. Principally because, with an increasing number of elderly clients packing a well-known anti-impotence treatment, Swiss brothels are training their staff in the use of defibrillators in an effort to stop the pill-popping pensioners become clog-popping corpses. "Having customers die on us isn't exactly good publicity" said one sex-club owner. Funny, I would have thought the opposite was true (Telegraph).

But trained as they may be, Swiss working girls will never have the edge on their American competitors. At least that’d be the conclusion you might draw from the results of a recent poll which placed America at number one on the list of countries with the most attractive people (Switzerland didn’t even make the top 20). So rejoice America, from the wild and wanton women of Walmart to the sultry street-girl sirens of Chattanooga, your beauty is unsurpassed (Herald Sun).
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(Work's about to get real hectic, so this may be the last post from me for a while.)

Swiss Brothels: This strikes me as a much better option than Dignitas. Just pump me full of Viagra, stick 10k in euros in my pocket and push me through the door with a note pinned to me telling them to keep 'em coming for as long as I'm still breathing. Make my last hours on this Earth a blur of flesh of every hue until I don't so much rage against the dying of the light as welcome the cool comfort of the dark. Then I'll die happy.
Posted by Dumbfounded on 02/18/10 at 01:59 PM
rude names- it was hard to choose, but my favorites are cocknmouth close and butthole rd. :lol:

burning money- don't they check for stray riders before shutting down?

swiss brothels- that's a trip! do they use it in the bdsm room for play too?

american beauties- we don't have to beautiful, just better looking than women in other countries. we won, but we were graded on a curve.

(honey you are waaaay too sexy to pay for lovin' 😉 )
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/18/10 at 03:52 PM
alright wayne! way to defend your fellow wuvians! 💋
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/18/10 at 05:51 PM
My boss is in Mumbai in India at the moment, and I strongly suspect that if I screw up now, my job soon may be too.
Posted by Dumbfounded on 02/18/10 at 06:38 PM
that's funny, my boss is out of town too. he's on vacation this week. it's been a quiet week so far, i hope that holds. i hope you have a quiet and sucessful time till your boss returns as well sweetie.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/18/10 at 07:04 PM
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