The Morrison Table Shelter

The Morrison Table Shelter was a steel bomb shelter that could double as a dining room table. During the Blitz, the British government distributed thousands of them.

The idea of your dining room table also being a bomb shelter seems a bit odd nowadays, but apparently they saved many lives. So they were weird, but practical.

More info: No Tech Magazine

London Daily Telegraph - Feb 12, 1941

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From Q.I. (British trivia/humour show):
"The worst thing you can find in a Morrison sandwich is a human being. Herbert Morrison, who was a Minister of Supply during 1940, devised an indoor shelter for the poor called the Morrison Shelter. It consisted of a metal-framed bunk-bed, with wire-mesh covering and a metal roof. However, sometimes the upper bunk would collapse and crushed the person below, in what was nicknamed a "Morrison Sandwich". Morrison Shelters were considered safer and more popular with the public than outdoor Anderson Shelters, dug into the ground."
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Here's an article on Anderson Shelters:
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Seems like it would be handy for 'helping' some family members or friends who tend to be unruly at dinner. For example, Ted Turner's Americas' Cup crew, who had a massive food fight at a dinner in Key West.
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