Mystery Illustration 40

Who was the celebrity groom who wore this amazing outfit to his wedding?

The answer is here.

And after the jump.
     Posted By: Paul - Tue Feb 28, 2017
     Category: 1970s | Weddings

I didn't know that Chef had a wife.
Posted by KDP on 02/28/17 at 03:57 PM
He must have ditched the wife before he moved to South Park and offered 'sweet luvin' to all the gals.
Posted by Virtual on 02/28/17 at 06:39 PM
I wanted to guess the happy couple was Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. I wonder if the guests were served chocolate salty balls at the reception.
Posted by Fritz G on 03/01/17 at 07:06 AM
I had Chaka Khan and her beau, Rufus.
Posted by greg on 03/01/17 at 02:40 PM
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