No makeup or men for five years

When British dentist Philip Grundy died in 1974, he left the bulk of his estate, slightly over $400,000, to Amelia Whaite, the receptionist at his practice. But with some unusual conditions. He forbid her from wearing lipstick or makeup, or going out with any men, for five years.

$400,000 in 1974, adjusted for inflation, would be over $2,000,000 today. So a nice chunk of money.

However, Grunday also made Whaite the sole executor of his estate "with the responsibility to see the will's conditions are kept." So if she didn't follow the conditions was she supposed to self-report herself?

Atlanta Constitution - Mar 17, 1974

I found a forum where residents of Leyland, Lancashire (where Grundy worked) recalled going to his practice. Seems that, in addition to the money, he left behind a lot of traumatized patients. Some typical comments:

There were two doors in the dentists room one in and one out, so no one ever saw the end result of his work I swear I've given birth twice and it didn't hurt as much as that butchers work on my mouth.

My worst horror story was when I had to have 2 teeth pulled and complained about the gas, Grundy did'nt bat an eyelid and promptly yanked them out without anything. I did'nt get a vote, and never complained again, I was 14 at the time.

GRUNDY'S! there was a trail of blood from the door, past the bus stop and round the corner; You couldn't get out of the waiting room once you were in as the door only opened inwards- some brave souls escaped when someone was entering, nearly knocking them over. Waiting room full of smoke and old copies of The Beano in yellowed celluloid covers; view of a sad square of lawn; anyone escaping by the usual way out had to go past, and be accosted by a Forbidding Receptionist.Some sort of liaison here, as Grundy left her all his money, on condition that she never wear lipstick!

Some more info about Grundy and Whaite from a 1974 Associated Press article:

In July 1962, a special dental court found Grundy and Miss Whaite guilty of conspiring to defraud the state-run National Health Service by charging unjustified fees. Both were fined.

Four years later, Grundy was accused of addiction to inhaling anesthetic gas and was forbidden to practice for five years.

He resumed his practice in 1971 and built it into a flourishing enterprise with a staff of 14. . .

Miss Whaite now runs the practice, still with a 14-member staff.

Grundy sounds like he was a real piece of work.
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If I was the receptionist, I would probably have accepted the estate and closed the practice to move to the Canary Island or Dominican Republic and not care about make-up or men, ever. However, I would never have accepted the job of receptionist/prison guard to begin with. I sure hope Miss Whaite found a better dentist than the late Dr.Evil there.
Posted by Yudith on 08/31/22 at 06:16 AM
No men for 5 years. How about women?
Posted by F.U.D in Stockholm on 08/31/22 at 10:08 AM
Reminds me of the character of the dentist in "Little Shop Of Horrors". The 1986 version with Steve Martin as the dentist.

"Now, SPIT!"
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If the laws in England are similar to those in America, even being executor didn't give her free rein. Any potential heir (sibling, niece, etc.) could have challenged her in probate court. A couple of photos of her snuggling with a fella in a back booth of the local bistro could have led a judge to rule that her apparent malfeasance/misfeasance invalidated her status as an heir. Also, an executor has to swear they met the conditions set forth in the will, so she could have been charged with perjury.

I vaguely recall a case in the 1960s (in WI? MN?) where a father stipulated his daughter wasn't to date a certain pot-smoking ne'er-do-well. Her solution was to move in with him. Since they never went to the movies together, had dinner in public, or did any other 'date' things, she met the conditions and got the money.

Posted by Phideaux on 08/31/22 at 11:45 AM
Dental court???
Posted by Brian on 09/12/22 at 08:59 AM
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