Octogenarian Teetotalers

Published by the National Temperance League of London in 1897. It contained 113 portraits of teetotalers who were over the age of 80.

Unfortunately, there was no companion volume of Octogenarian Tipplers.

image source: Bizarre Books

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My sister did an in-depth genealogy thing.

In our male line, the more you drank, smoked, and carried on, the longer you lived. The more upright and (self-)righteous you were, the sooner you met your god.

My great-grandfather didn't hold with drinking or smoking and didn't associate with anyone who did. He died of 'lung disease' in his early 40s. My grandfather allowed a glass of wine with Sunday supper, but he was so against smoking, he kicked my dad off the farm when he found a pack of cigarettes in dad's jacket. He died of cancer in his mid 40s. Dad actually picked up the smoking habit (unfiltered Camels) a few years later when he was in the army, and I often watched him break the seal on a pint of Sunny Brook, tip it up once, and throw away the empty bottle, and then proceed to do some of the most beautiful cabinetwork you ever saw. He passed away in his mid-50s.

For a long time, I thought I'd become the oldest ever, but a recent reexamination of some documents revealed my great-great-great-great-great uncle didn't die at 60 as previously thought. We now know that's when he became dead to the church (excommunicated) and went to prison. Upon his release four years later, he moved to Russia. I'm afraid the trail ends there, so I'll never know when/if I'll be the oldest. Since I'm not the type to get drunk and punch out a bishop, he's got a few points on me.

Posted by Phideaux on 07/29/21 at 11:57 AM
The oldest woman of all times, Jeanne Calment, did enjoy a glass or two of wine until she was way over one hundred years old. We can see her in the 1995 Guinness Record book, next to the photo of the oldest living person of the time splayed on a beach chair. She is standing up, laughing, and holding a glass of wine. Later on, we discovered that wine (in moderation) was actually good for the health.
Posted by Yudith on 07/30/21 at 05:48 AM
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