Peter Pain

Continuing our ongoing theme of strange corporate mascots: Peter Pain was the villainous mascot of Ben-Gay from 1942 to 1965. He's not to be confused with the British judge named Peter Pain. (or the dentist Dr. Pain).

NY Herald Tribune - 1946 (via Duke Library)

Some more info about him from The Austin American (Oct 13, 1965):

The arch villain with the jaunty black bowler and gnashing teeth made his debut 23 years ago [1942] in a series of comic strips ads for Ben-Gay ointment. He delighted his readers by making life miserable for a succession of poor unsuspecting souls.

Peter Pain's behavior remained steadfast — he was rotten to the core. In his heyday, he threw a kleig light at a television quiz kid, pounded an umbrella into the back of a grandfather celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, clouted a sweet little old lady with a hammer and spike and turned his pitchfork on the stomach of a nice young farmgirl.

Despite the mayhem, every adventure invariably ended happily. In each strip, someone would reach for the Ben-Gay and in no time the aches and pains of the harried souls would disappear.

"Drat, Ben-Gay," was Peter Pain's frequent lament as the episode came to an end.

Now, with the introduction of a new product (Ben-Gay Lotion), it has been announced, with regret, that the services of Peter Pain will no longer be used.

"We decided Peter Pain is not a fun guy," a Ben-Gay spokesman explained.

Chicago Tribune Magazine - 1953 (via Duke)

Austin American - Oct 13, 1965

Update: After posting this, I noticed that Paul had previously posted a Peter Pain ad in his Follies of the Madmen series (#404).
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Never mind Peter Pain.

How TF did a brand called "Ben Gay" get by the American censors!?
Posted by Richard Bos on 12/08/19 at 02:37 PM
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