“Pregnancy forces granny to quit work at age 101”

In October 1990, the Sun ran a story about a 101-year old woman who supposedly had to quit her job as a newspaper carrier because she got pregnant after being seduced by a reclusive millionaire on her route. The story, of course, was totally false. However, the Sun also ran a picture with the article of a real woman, 96-year-old Nellie Mitchell of Arkansas.

Mitchell sued, charging invasion of privacy (she had never given them permission to use her photo) and emotional distress, because she now had to endure people asking her when the baby was due. During the trial, the editor of the Sun explained that they had needed a picture to go along with the fake story, and had found in their archive a photo of Mitchell taken in 1986. They had used it, assuming she must have been dead by then. And dead people can't sue for damages.

Mitchell won and was awarded $150,000 in compensatory damages and $850,000 in punitive damages.

Baxter Bulletin - Oct 19, 1993

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It´s like you have no idea what kind of "newspaper" the Sun is.
Posted by F.U.D in Stockholm on 12/20/20 at 06:24 AM
So the Scum lied? What a surprise...
Posted by Richard Bos on 12/20/20 at 08:56 AM
I'm still laughing about the CEO of the National Enquirer being a guy named David Pecker.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 12/20/20 at 11:55 AM
Kinda stupid to assume that she was dead a mere four years after the picture was taken. They should have used an older picture.
Posted by ges on 12/20/20 at 02:26 PM
Apparently it wasn't good enough for the"Weekly World News." I miss Botboy.
Posted by KDP on 12/20/20 at 02:41 PM
In 1996, Weekly World News had a tv program with the same type of content as its namesake. The part I'll never forget was a young woman telling of her encounter with Bigfoot. She found him kind and gentle, not at all like the stories about him. They became good friends and had a lot of fun together, probably best shown by the camera pulling back to reveal she looked like she was in her twelfth month of pregnancy.
Posted by Phideaux on 12/20/20 at 04:20 PM
The Weekly World News has a story about Chaz and Ginger Bappf from Rootjar, Iowa, who were abducted by aliens. They were disappointed they weren't probed, even though Chaz waved his bare butt at them repeatedly.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 12/21/20 at 10:41 AM
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