Pseudo Corpse Scent

The Sigma-Aldrich Corporation sells a variety of scents including: Pseudo Corpse I (that smells like a body less than 30 days old), Pseudo Corpse II (that mimics the dry-rot scent cadavers attain after a month), and Pseudo Drowned Victim.

The scents are intended to be used for training rescue dogs, but I suppose they could also be used to enhance a Halloween costume.

Their product literature offers the following info about training dogs to find a corpse:

Canine reaction to a body can vary widely. The general categories of behavior are:

1 . Enthusiasm - the dog does not hesitate to approach the body. It may attempt to elicit a response from or urinate on the victim.

2. Cautious Interest - the dog slows its search, may become nervous and raise its hackles, but with encouragement, will approach the victim.

3. Avoidance - the dog will not approach the scent source and may actually attempt to leave the area. This behavior may become evident some distance from the body as the dog enters the scent cone.

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More info: Discover magazine
     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jul 24, 2021
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Very interesting. Millipore Sigma has a huge manufacturing facility in my town just about 3 miles from my home. In fact, my town's Plan Commission, on which I serve, is currently evaluating their proposal to install a 10-acre solar array on their property, so they can generate most of the power they need. The next time we meet, I'll have to ask them if they make Corpse Scent here. I suspect they'll be curious about how I heard of the product, so I'll be sure to give credit to the Weird Universe site.
Posted by Fritz on 07/24/21 at 06:51 AM
Funny how the dog's reaction to Corpse Scent is exactly the same as human's reaction to an open durian fruit.
Posted by Yudith on 07/24/21 at 08:14 PM
Wondering if these scents could also be used as a deterrent, as when planters spray noxious chemicals on young trees (especially spruces that would be desirable as Christmas trees) to deter theft.
Posted by Brian on 07/26/21 at 03:38 PM
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