Puzzle devotees throng reading room

Crossword puzzles first became a fad in the 1920s, and immediately created a problem for libraries as puzzle devotees thronged reading rooms, putting a strain on library services, wearing out the various reference books, and generally being a nuisance to regular patrons of the library.

The Wilmington Evening Journal - Apr 13, 1925

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Apr 21, 2018
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The call of cranky librarians everywhere - 'Must protect the "legitimate readers."'
Posted by Robb of Warren on 04/21/18 at 04:24 PM
Today, librarians would be thrilled if people swarmed into libraries...
Posted by Brian on 04/21/18 at 10:50 PM
i take it you haven't been in a library lately...
Posted by dave on 04/22/18 at 09:49 AM
I read Thong Reading Room

I was so disappointed when i read further, though it is still interesting.
Posted by Fluffy Bunny Slippers on 04/25/18 at 05:37 AM
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