RIP Maria Makowska-Kalinowska, Champion Moviegoer

"Today, Ms. Maria Kalinowska, the greatest Poznań (Polish, and probably the largest in the scale of the universe) cinema lover, has passed away today," wrote the employees of the cinema to which Maria regularly visited her husband. A married couple wrote down each screening in a notebook - they could spend whole days in the cinema, equipped with sandwiches. People from Poznań who regularly visit the Muza Cinema had to meet them at least once.

News article source of quote.

Their Wikipedia page says:

Maria Makowska-Kalinowska (1945 – 14 November 2020) and Bogdan Kalinowski (1939 – 9 November 2017) were a married couple from Poznań, Poland, known as the most avid filmgoers in Poland. They watched films in cinemas of Poznań regularly from 1973 on. In 2010 alone they watched 563 films. Altogether, between 1973 and 2010 they had viewed over 11,000 films together; by mid-2015 the total exceeded 13,000.[

Maria and Bogdan Kalinowski were librarians, and they met during a course for librarians. There was also a library of the films watched, which they meticulously kept. The Kalinowski family went to every film festival, sat down with notebooks in their hands and took notes of every film they watched. And they saw thousands of them together - in 2017, when Mr. Bogdan died, this number probably exceeded 16,000.


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There's nerdy obsessive, and then there's proper, methodical, archivistic obsessive. No watching Star Wars or The Breakfast Club 1000 times for these people — no, the wide variety and the notebook for them. I can only applaud that. It may be weird, but it speaks of an interested mind.
Posted by Richard Bos on 11/21/20 at 05:48 AM
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