Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans

Available from Naked and Famous Denim. The poor man's version of this would be to spray some fragrance on your ratty old jeans.

     Posted By: Alex - Thu May 16, 2024
     Category: Denim | Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

How exactly does this work?

Are you supposed to rub against something every time you start to get anxious and then breathe deeply to get the 'calming' effect? Yeah, sorry, but if I see someone scratch themselves and begin panting, my first thought won't be: "my, they're fashionable!"

It reminds me of the old advice: It doesn't matter how nice the soap smells, you shouldn't sniff your fingers as you're leaving the restroom.
Posted by Phideaux on 05/16/24 at 12:04 PM
. . . And only $78.00!
Posted by Judy on 05/16/24 at 01:29 PM
Judy, $78 is a bargain compared to the usual weird jeans posts in WU. Click on Category: denim and you'll see jeans for hundreds or thousands.
Posted by ges on 05/16/24 at 02:29 PM
There are worse things a pair of jeans can smell of. Just sayin'. Mine are going into the wash tomorrow.

(Price... € 78,= buys you a very decent pair of jeans that'll last you many years.)
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/18/24 at 01:22 PM

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