Serb, the men’s cologne

In the midst of the Bosnian War, two Serbian designers came out with "Serb" the cologne. I can't think of any other cologne inspired by a war.

Arizona Republic - Apr 17, 1994

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - May 9, 1994

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Mar 28, 2018
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Robert Duvall's character did not say it smells of death. He did say "It smells like....victory"
Jeez - get your quotes right, especially if you're a journalist.
Posted by David B Croney on 03/28/18 at 10:14 AM
Two artists topped that fairly recently by combining the scents of blood, thunder, earth, and burning flesh to create "Apocalypse."

I think they should have included horse manure (as a nod to the Four Horsemen).
Posted by Phideaux on 03/28/18 at 10:30 AM
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