Smart Clothes

Tommy Hilfiger’s new line of clothing includes an odd feature. You can earn reward points by wearing the clothes, thanks to a smart chip embedded in them. You can eventually redeem these points for Hilfiger gift cards or merchandise. Though I can't find any indication of how many points you need (or how many days you need to wear the clothes) before you get a reward.

More info: Tommy Hilfiger, techcrunch

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Jul 27, 2018
     Category: Fashion | Technology

You get points for just wearing the clothes? And how often? Can I just slip the t-sirt onto the dog and let him run around the yard for a few hours?
Posted by F.U.D. on 07/27/18 at 06:59 AM
This is just the beta testing.

Afterward, all clothing will be embedded and once the shirt registers that you've worn it enough it'll order a new shirt of similar style automatically ship it and charge it to you bank account. If you wear it excessively they'll ship you a multi-pack.

Additionally, once the shirt is too dirty, it'll order and ship you whatever your favorite bath soap and laundry detergent is.
Posted by Jessica on 07/27/18 at 09:54 AM
What happened to those socks that order pizza for you? Now that's smart clothing.
Posted by Virtual on 07/27/18 at 04:37 PM
Tommy Pullmyfinger.

What's that sound?
Posted by KDP on 07/28/18 at 10:41 AM
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