Stranger Slaps Toddler

In a Walmart in Stone Mountain, Georgia a complete stranger goes up to the mother of a crying toddler and said, "If you don't shut the baby up, I will shut her up for you." Usually this is an empty threat made out of annoyance, but this time the threat was real. The man, 61 year old Roger Stephens, ended up slapping the little girl in the face several times. The man was later arrested for "first-degree cruelty to children", but not before telling the mother "See, I told you I would shut her up." The man later apologized, but I think that the damage has already been done. CNN

     Posted By: mdb777 - Thu Sep 03, 2009
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I remember throwing a fit in public ---- EXACTLY ONCE! And Mom didn't need any help in parenting from a stranger!

That said, this dude went a bit overboard.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 09/03/09 at 12:27 PM
I heard the kid stopped they incessive whining and crying.
Posted by Paul in Athens GA on 09/03/09 at 02:07 PM
4 times? i can assure you that had it been my child that rotten s.o.b. would have found his ass on the floor after the first one. should mom address the issue of incessant crying in a public place? of course, but to be fair we don't know why she was there. perhaps picking up medicine for the child and that's why she's cranky. maybe they were out of milk or bread or whatever and no sitter was available. you just don't know. but i do know that grown man could have walked away (walmart is huge) but he chose to show his temper by slapping a small child. he's lucky he didn't get his ass kicked.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 09/03/09 at 04:24 PM
Hello, people! It's not about "wacky laws", whiney kids, and going "a little overboard", it's about some weirdoid who takes his problems out on someone else's child. If this twitchy jerk came and slapped YOU in the face 4 times you'd be charging him and calling HIM down. Instead, you seem to be focusing on the crying child. As Patty said, there are reasons kids cry. We all did it as kids. As adults, we DEAL with our issues, not take them out on strangers' children. If he's so whacked as to hit a stranger's child in a public place, he DESERVES to be on a predator list. He's not normal--more like seriously out of control.

The abusive man is the focus, not the crying 2 year old. Get it straight! Geez!
Posted by Ben the Cat on 09/03/09 at 05:20 PM
Well, I agree on 2 things:
1) We don't have The Rest of the Story.
2) The fact that CNN (Certainly Not News) gets used here is, in and of itself, weird!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 09/04/09 at 01:05 AM
you are absolutely right exo, that's why i say lets shoot all jaywalkers because then they'll never do that again. and i don't know what came over me (and the other american posters) i mean it is so totally irrational to protect one's children from harm. hey maybe we could muzzle the little beasts to shut them up. 😕
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 09/04/09 at 07:35 AM
I'll take a shot in the dark that ex0 is from the "bottom of the world", Patty. Watch out for the razor whit.

From whereever, ex0, welcome to the the club.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 09/04/09 at 11:36 AM
Mark--I'm not from the States. Would you clarify for this Canuck what "red" and "blue" states are?
Posted by Ben the Cat on 09/04/09 at 12:52 PM
Thanks, Ben! Up here that's an East-to-West concept. Far East and Midwest tend to be red, Ontario and BC would be White (your blue) and Quebec has a distinct approach, so it's probably it's own version of "bleu".

. . . and I'll bet we're more the same than different, eh? Which is why I am totally OK with being a University educated knee-jerk liberal who votes NDP or PC while living a hillbilly lifestyle and working in the field of higher education and consorting with everything from illiterates to PhDs. There's something for everyone in this amazing universe, even at it's weirdest. 😉
Posted by Ben the Cat on 09/04/09 at 02:11 PM
if you get arrested for brawling at walmart, you just might be a redneck! :lol:
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 09/06/09 at 03:49 PM
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