The Electric Clothing of Diana Dew

According to Lobenthal, Dew was an electrical engineer who flaunted a different hair color every day and created a miniature battery pack that attached to the belt of a dress to create blinking hearts and stars. “They’re hyperdelic transsensory experiences,” she said of her garments to Time Magazine in 1967, the same year The New Yorker wrote about her. (If your wired mini breaks down, “Please just take it to the nearest radio-TV repair shop,” Dew said.) Lobenthal writes that Dew’s tiny power source was eventually acquired by the U.S. military.

Her Wikipedia page.

     Posted By: Paul - Sat Oct 14, 2023
     Category: Fashion | Technology | 1960s

According to the linked Wikipedia article, Lobenthal is full of it: her "tiny power source" was a simple NiCd battery.
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/14/23 at 07:47 AM

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