The Mystery of Ambrose Small

Master Weirdist Charles Fort once made a jest involving two mysterious vanishings: "Was somebody collecting Ambroses?"

One of the Ambroses involved was the famous Ambrose Bierce.

The other was much less-known: Ambrose Small.

One would think that after so many years, all had been said about Small's disappearance. But I can't find any reference to this further extension of the case as seen below.

Original article here.

More on the Small case.
     Posted By: Paul - Mon Oct 22, 2018
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The Toronto disappearance often gets mentioned in the local news and various media sources leading up to Halloween. This disappearance has also been featured in a few television series here as well.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 10/22/18 at 08:35 AM
Hmm. I've never heard of this case. I lived in Rosedale for years and walked all through the ravine, you could easily hide a body or five in it. Wonder what happened to the poor bugger?
Posted by Kate on 10/22/18 at 06:45 PM
Many moons ago it was easier for unscrupulous relatives to get rid of a well to do relative in order to claim their assets.
Posted by KDP on 10/22/18 at 09:49 PM
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