The Witch Dance

I am a little late to this fad, initiated in 2016. But since it is still currently surging (this article ((possibly paywalled))) cites a current instance in my native state, I thought we needed to know about it.

This older article explains.

But at the end of April, the women of Wolfshäger Hexenbrut (in English: The Wolf Hunter's Coven), located in Wolfshagen im Harz, Germany, do something a little different.

They get together to celebrate Walpurgis, a holiday celebrating fertility, celebrations including lots of dancing, foods, and drinking, which usually occurs every year on April 30th.

However, in 2016, their celebrations included a choreographed dance to Schüttel deinen Speck, in English: Shake Your Bacon, by German Reggae-Pop artist, Peter Fox, in 2008.

The dance went viral once posted to YouTube -

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