It seems that BK's Halloween Whopper has an interesting side effect. It goes in with a black bun but it comes out green. Not just green, but GREEN!! If you are interested in how green there is a picture at the link if you scroll down and click on it.
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Oct 06, 2015
     Category: Food | Excrement | Eating

I made a blue cake once for a friend that had the same effect. It takes a lot of food coloring to get a baked product to turn a dark shade of color.
Posted by crc on 10/06/15 at 03:44 PM
I went through an eye exam where I was injected with Flourescein and was warned that the side effect would be orange colored urine after a few hours. The effect was interesting, almost day-glo in color.
Posted by KDP on 10/06/15 at 04:19 PM
I have seen that effect from meds before but even that horrible green ketchup that you could taste the food coloring in did not have that effect. Those buns must have a LOT of green food coloring in them. No wonder they added A1, it'll cover the taste of the excess food color.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 10/06/15 at 05:02 PM
1st of all; Eco-Nuts have just GOT to try this... Green poop!

Then, is this going to help or hurt sales?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 10/06/15 at 11:19 PM
If you eat a mess of red beets along with the burger you will get red pee and green poo. The perfect way to add the Christmas decoration to your bathroom!
Posted by BMN on 10/06/15 at 11:36 PM
As kids, we found that black licorice ice cream had the same effect. It amused us to no end.
Posted by RobK on 10/07/15 at 11:28 AM
Black food dye is usually a very dark purple, and any dark purplish food will turn your feces green. Drink a bottle of Merlot (or heavy grape juice) and see what happens later.
Posted by Eoin on 10/08/15 at 01:44 PM
I'm surprised they didn't go with black rye bread.

I have (somewhere) a pumpernickel/rye bread recipe which calls for instant coffee. It turns out fairly black even when I don't burn it.
Posted by Phideaux on 10/08/15 at 02:30 PM
Red and blue make purple, wonder why it turns green.
Can you taste the coffee in it?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 10/08/15 at 03:36 PM
@Patty -- stomach acids change the chemical composition, which can mean color changes.

The pumpernickel recipe calls for only 2 tablespoons instant coffee. In contrast, there's 1/4 cup cocoa. I can't stand the taste of coffee (am very mildly allergic to it -- I probably don't like the taste because I associate it with feeling a little ill). I left the coffee out the first couple of times I made that bread. Later I found adding one tablespoon does heighten the flavor without actually being an identifiable taste.

With the black molasses, fennel, caraway, and other things which I can't remember at the moment, I think you'd have to add a lot of coffee for the taste to come through.
Posted by Phideaux on 10/09/15 at 01:37 AM
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