Vegetable Jell-O

Responding to the popularity of jello salads, General Foods introduced four vegetable flavors of jello in 1964: celery, seasoned tomato, mixed vegetable, and Italian salad.

But for some reason, although people liked jello salads, they didn't like vegetable-flavored jellos, and the flavors were soon discontinued.

Lubbock Avalanche Journal - July 9, 1964


     Posted By: Alex - Sat May 19, 2018
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I'm a little surprised. Jello salads are ridiculous, but I would think that IF I were somehow convinced to eat Jello stuffed with tomatoes and carrots and olives, celery-flavored Jello would be less weird than fruit-flavored. Not that it's a remotely sane idea to begin with, but once you've gotten over the initial insanity of the whole concept, vegetable-flavors seem pretty sensible.

(I've heard some people suggest that the whole idea of Jello Salad was a trick in the first place, the idea being that you could put hearty ingredients in Jello, and it would count as a "salad" letting you eat something filling in a setting where it was socially expected that you'd only eat 'lite fare')
Posted by Ross on 05/19/18 at 01:33 PM
Sounds like a trick to mess with the old folks in nursing homes...
Posted by Brian on 05/19/18 at 04:29 PM
This subject is a reminder of a very unpleasant episode of my childhood. Mainly it consisted of me being forced to sit at the table until I finished the Jell-o my mother had made. And I sat for a looooooong time.

It was an orange Jell-o with shredded carrots and walnuts in it. It might have had pineapple, too; about that I'm uncertain. Regardless, it was dreadful. I believe I'm technically still supposed to be sitting there, but I got out of it somehow.
Posted by Robb of Warren on 05/19/18 at 07:08 PM
The ad has a fine suggestion: fish in Jell-O. Bleah!
Posted by Virtual on 05/20/18 at 11:08 AM
My French language professor at university was a Rhoades Exchange instructor and told me of one Thanksgiving holiday where she had her daughter ship Jell-o so that she could present a typical American spread for her French colleagues. They wouldn't touch it. The closest thing the French have is aspic and it is not presented as a desert with weird coloring and sugar to sweeten it.
Posted by KDP on 05/20/18 at 12:34 PM
Frankly, as a European, I find the weird thing the existence of gelatin "salad" in the first place.
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/21/18 at 08:10 AM
Aspic?? Bleah!
Posted by Virtual on 05/21/18 at 08:29 AM
The worst thing I was ever served in the army: Lemon jello with chopped onions.
Posted by Dr. Fian on 05/21/18 at 12:36 PM
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