Young Rastafarians

Following up on my previous post about the Kuku-Kuku of Papua New Guinea, here's another image from The Circle of Life: Rituals from the human family album. It's my favorite image in the book. It's captioned, "Outside of Kingston, Jamaica, young Rastafarian church members smoke ganja."

The text goes on to explain that Rastafarians consider marijuana to be a sacred herb, and that the ritual of smoking it mirrors similar rituals in many other cultures: "Ritualistic smoking of tobacco is an expression of group bonding in numerous Native American ceremonies, and the use of incense, hallucinogens, or alcohol to alter the senses is a common initiatory practice worldwide."
     Posted By: Alex - Fri Aug 29, 2008
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I don't think that is like communion wine at all. And I don't know of many Native American ceramonies that involve CHILDREN partaking in ceramonies with hallucinogens. Except for a naming ceremony I can't really think of child specific events in the NA culture. There are ceremonies marking the turn from child to adult...but those are for typically teen aged "children".
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